Saturday, May 14, 2011


1.1"Don`t be sad"

Dont be sad when your closed one with you...
Dont cry when he is ready to wipe your tears.. Because, every drop of your tears will multiply

1.2 "love"

When you walk away, My eyes will make me blind..
Ears will make me duff.. And my heart will make me dead.."

1.3 "lost"

I thought thats my way, But, thats not..!
I thought thats my dreams,
But, thats not..!
I thought thats my heart,
But , thats not..! I dont know where I lost them..
I dont know where I find them.. But I have to live..
Survive all those challenges..

1.4 "life in metro"

Its dark.. Where life called sick..
Where money called everything..
Where womens called just a showbizz.. I realized that darkness is the reality..
I realized that is the life..
I realized that is the fun... Hell, I am walking through that darkness..
Where evil making love with humans.. Fuck!!
That is what I can murmer right now...:|

1.5 " I am in love"

It was a shadow..
Doesnt have any soul.. But still following me, It was a dream..
Doesnt have any sense,
Still driving my hopes... And it was my love,
Doesnt have any sense..
Doesnt have any logic.. But still.. I am calling its my love..."

1.6 "waiting"

I am thirst.. I am hungry..
I am tired.. I have my wallet full,
But my heart is empty..
I have my menu full,
But my eyes are blind..
I have my table full ov dishes,
But my tongue is tasteless.. Because,
I am waitng for you here..!

1.7 " viraham"

ariyan vykippoyo Ariyilla,
Pakshe, njn ariyunnathentho
Enne ariyunnilla..
Kinakkalellam vilari verunnu,
Pranayam.. Athenthanu?

1.8 :)
Come if you wish to, Be with me if you needs to.
You will not know how much I means to until I kill
my dreams,
I wanted to states nothing but,
You are the owner of my heart..!

1.9 " final lines for you"

And in the end I can see the empty road, the dry n hot wind, damn.
I began to walk alone
Where I supposed to find your footprints.
Even my shadow left me
So that I could not find anything to hide .
Because I hate to cry. :)

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